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Fighting Burdensome Rules

One of our top priorities is fighting overly burdensome rules and extreme regulations increasingly facing private property owners in California today. 


Homeowners’ Rights

We fight for homeowners’ private property rights. The American dream shouldn’t be trampled upon at the whim of a few politicians or a select few individuals who seek to put their own gains above their neighbors.


Commercial Property Rights

We understand that commercial private property owners have rights and needs, too. We are here as a resource to ensure that their rights are upheld in an ever-changing climate of attack on corporations and private property rights in the Golden State.


Government Advocacy

We help private property owners gain a voice in government, by connecting with government officials and politicians to ensure that the people’s needs are heard and addressed against greater special interests.


Grassroots Mobilizing

From the state legislature to city council meetings, we mobilize grassroots to rally in support of Californians’ private property rights, so that homeowners may have a voice in the process.


First Amendment Rights

Property owners have the right to speak up if their rights are being trampled. They have the right to speak without fear of reprisal.

Privacy Rights

Property owners have a reasonable right to privacy and the right to “peaceful enjoyment” of their property, without fear of their home addresses being “doxxed” and bullied if they speak out regarding a neighborhood association issue. We will protect property owners.


Rights beyond Your Physical Home

Today, your property rights extend beyond your home. Property owners now are forced to protect their water rights as draconian local, regional, state and federal water agencies attempt to rob communities of their rightful flow of water. In other cases, your property rights also include intellectual property rights, rental property rights, cryptocurrency, and even the car you drive every day in California is your private property and it, too, deserves protection.


Helping Californians Achieve the American Dream

Too often today, out-of-control and unaccountable local and regional governments create burdensome rules that make home ownership less attainable for Californians. It is our goal to help cut the red tape and ensure that everyone has access to achieve the American dream of property ownership.

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